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Here at BKA, we know the power of the internet in helping people with legal needs find qualified representatives. As a legal professional/firm, you provide a sometimes life-changing service, and your website needs quality legal content to drive new clients in your area directly to you.

Whether you help victims of personal injury recover damages, guide property owners through the complexities of real estate law, or help people get their affairs in order and protect their families after death, our legal content writing services can help you share your expertise with the right clientele. Our job is to convey your legal experience in clear, concise content that boosts your online search ranking, and no one loves their job more than we do.

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Increase your consultations and bring in new clients

 with professional law firm content writing.

Search Engine Optimized Legal Content

Expect to rank higher in Google searches with our keyword-optimized legal content writing designed to help Google connect you with people looking for a legal representative in your field. By increasing your SEO rankings, you can help ensure the people who see your content are the ones in need of your services.

Show Your Legal Expertise

You spent years studying law and building your practice. You need legal writing services that show clients you are an authority in your field of law. Great legal blog content displays your expertise subtly, making you look professional without bragging.

Generate New Leads

Combine your industry expertise with BKA’s knowledge about search engine optimization, and you have the perfect recipe for a boost in organic traffic to your website. People are already online looking for legal representation. High-quality legal content writing can bring them straight to you.

Recognition for Your Practice

Quality content shows potential clients who you are, what types of law you practice, and how you can help them resolve their legal concerns. Get legal content customized to fit your brand of service to make you memorable and attractive to potential clients

We’ve been in the legal content creation industry since 2009, helping legal professionals grow their practices and present their services to the right audience.


Types of Legal Content Writing Services We Provide

Legal SEO Articles

SEO Legal Content

Legal Blog Writing

Legal Landing Pages

Legal Social Media Posts

Legal eBooks

Content Writing for Law Firms

Legal Website Content

Custom Legal SEO Content

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Why Hire BKA Content for Your Legal Blog Writing Needs?

law content writing

Get Your Content From Expert Legal Writers

Access legal blog writing services from our expert freelance writers. Our content is informative, professional, and engaging, and our law content writers are experts in SEO. Their jobs are to boost your online presence, and they love what they do.

law firm content writing

Keep the Focus on Getting Results

BKA keeps a watchful eye on evolving trends in legal blog writing, staying up to date on SEO best practices and industry changes to ensure our work meets the highest standards for increasing search engine rankings. When our legal content writers produce articles, you should expect results.

legal blog writers

Work With a Personal Account Manager

Sign up for our managed SEO writing services, and you get your own personal account manager. They’re familiar with law firm content writing and act as your go-to for everything you need, from fielding your questions to helping you pick topics. We love our managers. They are personable, honest, kind, and trained to represent BKA perfectly.

Benefit From Our Years of Legal Content Marketing Experience

BKA jumped on the legal freelance writing scene in 2009, providing firms with top-quality, well-researched SEO law content. Every member of our team, including managers, writers, and editors, dedicates their time and effort to staying on top of developing trends and creating high-performing content.

Receive Top-Quality Legal Content Writing

Good legal blog writing gets straight to the point. At BKA, we never use filler to meet a word quota. Instead, we put in the time and effort it takes to create content rich with information, using our special brand of creativity and optimization.

Experience Unmatched Customer Service

When you decide to work with BKA, you join our family. We work hard to develop personal relationships with our clients. That’s our secret to creating authentic, original work. Everyone from the legal blog writer to the editor will know who you are and the goals you have for your law firm.


Multiple Legal Content Writing Options To Meet Your Needs

For BKA, no law firm is too large or too small to benefit from our legal blog writing services. Whether you need a one-off project on the fly or a manager to help you build an SEO-enhanced strategy, we have exactly what you need and a legal content writer to execute it effectively.

Legal Blog Writing That Actually

Gets Results

We’re Experts in Writing Content for Legal Professionals. We Create Engaging Law Content To Establish You as the Authority in Your Field and State.

  • Catchy titles to attract your ideal clients
  • Carefully researched state- and region-specific subject matter
  • Headings and subheadings chosen to promote engagement and SEO
  • Keyword research and placement to boost Google search results
  • Metadata content to enhance search engine performance
web writing for law firms
law firm website content writing

What Types of Legal Content Services Can You Get From BKA? Here Are a Few Legal Writing Examples:

  • Comprehensive guides on your areas of practice
  • Informative legal blog posts about legal processes
  • Breakdowns of legal strategies
  • Changes to laws relevant to your practice and region
  • Case studies
  • Answers to specific legal questions
  • Explanations of legal myths in your practice area
  • How-to legal guides

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Sounds Great, But I Have Some Questions…

How does ordering content from BKA work?

When you choose BKA to help you create a legal content strategy, you have options that cater to your needs.

Self-Service Option: If you want to start small or give us a test run to see some legal content writing examples, you can use our online content shop to order services that meet your needs. You can specify the word count and keywords and throw in any details you want us to know or include. Leave the rest up to our talented legal writers!

Monthly SEO Blog Writing Services Option: This is a common option for practices looking for a stream of monthly legal blog articles they can post, getting an awesome boost of organic traffic using BKA’s legal expertise. This is also the hands-free option. BKA does all the heavy lifting, from creating an SEO strategy to writing the legal blog content you need, while you focus on your practice.

Managed SEO Writing Services Option: If you have a large number of legal content projects and a budget of $1,500 or more, you qualify for our managed writing services. Get high-quality eBooks, legal blog writing, web pages for law firms, and more. You’ll work directly with one of our managers to create a plan for your project.

No matter your needs, we’re excited to help you develop a legal SEO content writing plan that meets them.

How does BKA write for so many different legal areas of practice?

With all our years of experience, we created a network of hundreds of legal content writers all over the United States with specialties in every area of law you can practice. We recognize the strength diversity provides us and strive to keep our legal content writing teams packed with writers who have impressive experience in creating legal content.

Our legal writers commit to mastering the topic of each and every article through in-depth research, always ensuring basic comprehension. We partner with legal professionals of every practice size, from individual owners to vast teams with multiple locations. We have the resources to cater our legal content writing services to your needs, and you’ll always know we’re looking out for you.

How do you price legal content writing services?

We price our legal blog writing services based on your needs. Each of the options come in a price range:

Monthly SEO Blogging Plans: Access a monthly legal blog writing plan customized for your SEO needs. Prices range from $375 to $1,499 per month, depending on how many blogs you need each month. Create your personal legal content service plan here.

Self-Service Plans: Order the legal SEO articles you want based on per-word pricing. The range is 7.5 cents to 15.5 cents per word, depending on what you need. Learn more about self-service content pricing here.

Managed SEO Writing Services Plan: If you want a flexible plan customized to fit perfectly into your legal content marketing needs, this is the plan for you. Legal professionals and law firms with a budget of over $1,500 per month for content can take advantage of a more nuanced SEO strategy for content creation.

What happens after I place an order for legal content?

We keep the pipeline from order to delivery simple, committing to deadlines and keeping in consistent contact. If you place an order through our online self-service shop, you can expect your finished content within seven to 10 business days.

Sign up for a monthly legal blog writing service and you’ll hear from one of our managers within 24 hours. Together, you’ll discuss what your marketing goals are, how BKA can help you, and what you expect from your content before we turn the project over to our skilled legal writers.

Place your order through our managed services, and we’ll create a team of legal content writers hand-picked to work on your project. You’ll have access to all the custom solutions we have to offer.

Who are BKA's legal content writers?

At BKA, we would never let just anyone jump on a piece and start writing what they want. Our hiring process is about finding the best of the best.

We have assembled a strong team of freelance legal writers chosen for their proven skills and diverse backgrounds. They go through an extensive application process to prove their mastery of the English language and research skills.

One thing all our freelance law writers have in common is a passion for different areas of legal practice! Their specialties can be as broad as tort law and as specific as slip and fall cases. When you place an order, you can feel comfortable knowing that someone with legal knowledge and SEO experience is on the case.

Who owns the content when it's done?

You own every piece! From the moment you receive the finished product, it belongs to you, and you can do with it as you please. Most legal practices order several legal SEO blogs on varying topics at once and post them periodically. The choice is yours!


How does BKA ensure original content?

BKA Content has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. Every freelance legal content writer goes through extensive training and signs an agreement to ensure compliance. We also run all content through plagiarism-check software during the editing process.

Can I choose the legal writer for my content?

We select our freelance legal writers carefully based on the quality of their work and their experience writing content for this industry. They work closely with managers, and no one knows them better than we do. When you order law content, we assign it to a writer or team of writers we know will create top-quality pieces.

While you focus on your clients and practice, we focus on finding the right writers to drive more leads your way

How does legal content from BKA set my practice apart from others?

We keep a close watch on SEO trends and changes in Google algorithms to ensure you always have competitive content writing for law firms. Our writers learn your voice and personality to make sure every word is authentic. When you join the BKA family, you can relax knowing we commit every ounce of our SEO knowledge to show you results.

We use a results-driven approach to every blog our writers create, making a pipeline of well-researched, high-quality content from our team to yours. How do you know our legal blog writing strategies work? The proof is in your Google ranking. Remember, we do all the work so your practice can thrive and your clients get the professional legal assistance they deserve!

Has BKA written legal content in the past?

Yes! BKA has over a decade of experience writing legal content covering every topic, from personal injury and criminal defense to estate planning and family law.

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