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Looking for affordable SEO services for small businesses that get real results? Start investing in the most cost-effective part of SEO – your site’s content.

We utilize the power of strategic, SEO blog content to raise your keyword rankings, traffic, and sales at a price small businesses can afford!

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“BKA Content’s affordable SEO services have been completely worth it. Of the 8900 keywords we rank for, 7400 of them are from the content marketing they’ve done for us!”

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CloudAgency, Inc.

Affordable Small Business SEO Packages That Get Results

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Traffic Increase

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How Our Low-Cost SEO Services Helped

Cloudficient picked our Elite SEO Package for small businesses which includes 8 optimized SEO blog posts per month.

Keyword Research / Strategy – Our SEO content strategists did in-depth keyword research to identify opportunity keywords that they were not currently winning but that had low competition and good monthly volume traffic potential. We then crafted topics to target those long-tail keywords and created content outlines (addressing relevant questions/sub-topics) to match.

SEO Content Creation / Optimization – We used our 10+ years of SEO writing/editing expertise to craft high-quality SEO blog posts that followed the strategic outlines, are engaging to read, include an internal/external linking structure and have been fully keyword optimized using SEO best practices. The blogs were then formatted, posted, and scheduled out evenly every single month.

Tracking / Adjustments – Every 90 days, we monitored keyword traction, word count, and SEO ranking results so we could adjust the keywords/strategy we were targeting in order to continue to maximize overall results for this affordable small business SEO plan!

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Traffic Increase

New Keywords Ranked

Keywords Ranking in Top 10

How Our Affordable SEO Plans Helped

XLNT Foods picked our Starter SEO Package for small business which includes 2 fully-optimized SEO blog posts per month.

Keyword Research – Our small business SEO experts conducted comprehensive keyword analysis to discover low-competition keywords with high monthly traffic potential that were not currently being targeted. We looked at multiple food categories closely related to their main products and tested multiple keyword clusters to find the highest performers.

SEO Content Creation – We crafted targeted topics to align with the keywords selected, employing our small business SEO expertise to ensure they matched search intent. Then, we used our professional writing/editing teams to create SEO blog posts and scheduled them to be posted every other week (to show Google posting consistency), optimizing for image alt tags / proper HTML formatting and SEO meta data.

Measuring and Adjusting – We tracked the progress and outcomes of targeted keywords, allowing us to adapt our strategy each month to maximize the overall performance of this affordable SEO package for small business.

Expert Small Business SEO Strategy

Affordable SEO strategy for small business

SMB Content Marketing Strategist

With any of our affordable SEO services for small businesses, you’ll get your own, personal content marketing strategist. This strategist will meet with you to learn about your small business, online marketing goals, competitors, preferred style and tone, previously targeted keywords, and build out an SEO content marketing strategy designed to drive results.

This content strategist will also be monitoring your SEO plan month to month and will make tweaks and adjustments to maximize performance.

Carefully Crafted SEO Blog Content

The Right Keywords The Right Way

This is where most small business SEO plans fail – they pick the wrong keywords to target! Or, even if they pick the right keywords, they fail to create topics and content that carefully match the search intent of the keyword phrase. Lastly, comes the ability to provide valuable information in the content while also correctly optimizing for the keywords. Picking the right keywords and correctly optimizing the content for them is absolutely critical for small business SEO success.

Here at BKA Content, we have over a decade of experience targeting keywords and creating SEO-optimized content to drive traffic, leads and sales – and we have the numbers to back that up! Our affordable SEO services for small businesses are fundamentally built around picking the right keywords for your business and creating SEO content that gets results.

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An Affordable SEO Solution Made for Small Businesses

Completely Hands-off Organic SEO Services

Stop trying to handle all of your organic marketing efforts yourself! Instead, let our SEO content marketing experts drive rankings for you so you can focus your time on other important aspects of your small business.

From SEO strategy and images to content creation and blog posting/tracking, we’ll do it all. You can rest easy knowing that a team of organic marketing strategists are constantly working to grow your small business online and pivoting when necessary. This is truly the only way to really maintain an effective business blog strategy while keeping costs low!

So sit back, relax, and watch your traffic and keyword rankings increase when you sign up for one of our affordable small business SEO packages.

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