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Become a Freelance Writer for BKA Content

If you love to write and want to get paid for it too, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at BKA Content, we have multiple content jobs and writing positions available. We handpick each and every one of our writers to ensure that they have the right skills, work ethic and attitude to add to our unique company culture.

While making money is important to any business, we know that there is more to the content creation industry than earning dollar bills. We believe in doing whatever it takes to produce high-quality writing daily — it’s just one of the many reasons why BKA stands above the competition.

We understand that your writing is an extension of your personality, your experiences and your state of mind. When you’re happy and having fun, you’re much more likely to produce work that you (and our clients) will be proud of.

Our goal is to create an environment that does just that.

Where Freelance Writing Meets Community

Let’s face it — one of the hardest things about being a freelance writer is getting the motivation to work. Here at BKA Content, we have a team mentality that fosters camaraderie, interaction and success.

While we will always be picky about grammar, sentence structure and writing guidelines, we are also just as picky about the types of individuals we bring on for writing positions.

We want writers who not only excel at their craft, but who also excel at being excellent people. We have a vision for people-based content writing, and we want writers who will buy into that “all for one, one for all” mentality.

content jobs
content writing jobs

Writing for a Project-Based Content Company

If you love being a freelance writer but also want that “human” element, you’re going to love it here. While there are the obvious perks of getting paid to write content jobs whenever and wherever you want, we spend a fair amount of time on creating a unique company culture. Not only do we send out regular communication to encourage and motivate those with writer’s block, but we also interact with writers on the Facebook Forum and sponsor community events.

We are also constantly coming up with fun new writer initiatives, whether it’s a writer blog competition, pay period writing incentive, BKA photo contest or company-wide fastest WPM typing test — we like to keep things interesting. We are ALWAYS open to feedback from our writers on what the next great competition should be.

Working at BKA has been an incredible opportunity! I feel honored to write quality content with such an experienced and friendly team. – Paul M.

I never liked testimonials on a company website; they seem so stale and hackneyed. I will state categorically that for talented new writers, BKA is a miracle; the outreach and feedback from highly-experienced, professional editors is fantastic, the corporate climate is delightfully nerdy and inclusive and the tolerance for learning from mistakes is thoroughly encouraging. – Chris C.

I have been writing for BKA Content since 2011, acting as an editor for some of those years as well. You will not find a better content company to write for! They care about every last writer, ensuring we have access to tips and information that will help us do our jobs better. The work load is fairly consistent, with new clients coming in all the time, meaning I don’t have to ever worry about not having work. The management is super fun, always coming up with exciting new ways for us to all interact with each other, even though we work all over the country instead of in one office space. – Shelley S.

BKA has been a place to grow for me. A year or two out of college, I realized I wasn’t using my writing degree. The BKA managers and editors gave me the support and encouragement I needed to jump-start and advance a career in my field. Three years later, I’m still finding challenging new projects here. – John B.

BKA is the best job I have ever had! I am able to stay home and spend time with my family while still earning a living. It is not easy and there is a lot of work involved, but I am working my way toward a full time income! BKA has given me the opportunity to live life on my terms and I am forever grateful to the company, the managers and the whole team! – Damian R.

Join the BKA Content Writing Team!

BKA Content frequently has writing positions available for qualified Internet Article Writers. These content jobs involve writing high-quality, original content centered on a variety of different search terms, topics and keywords provided by our clients. The SEO content we produce is used for many different purposes, but it often is used to give clients increased internet exposure through higher search engine rankings on the Web.

Writer Requirements

The following items are required to apply:

  • Must live in the US and be legally allowed to work in the US
  • Must have access to the internet
  • Must be able to write at least 3,000 words per week
  • Must have a PayPal account
  • Must have a firm grasp of English grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Must be at a college writing level
  • Must be able to meet deadlines
  • Must be honest, self-motivated and dependable

Content Writing Perks

With BKA, you can plan on the following:

  • Choose articles you want to write from our list of available options
  • Work from virtually any location
  • Get paid for each piece you write
  • Set your own schedule (as long as content is submitted by its due date)
  • Expand your knowledge on a variety of topics
  • Join our team of fun, talented writers
  • Participate in company-wide competitions and incentives

Writing Projects to Fill


Basic Blog Writer – Write basic blogs centered on a variety of different search terms, topics, and keywords to show a simple understanding of the topic.

Standard Blog Writer Write informative blog posts, social media posts and meta descriptions to show a general understanding of the topic.

Pro Blog Writer Write informative blog posts, social media posts and meta descriptions to show an in-depth understanding of the topic.

Web Content Writer – Write web pages for new websites and rewrite existing web pages to refresh them.

Product Description Writer Write product descriptions and category descriptions.

Legal Content Writer Write blogs for attorneys’ websites in a broad range of practice areas.


How Does Payment Work?

Payments are made exclusively over PayPal. As long as you get your assignments in by their due dates, you have the flexibility of working whenever and wherever you want.

Most of our writers average $9–$14 per hour as they learn our processes. Following training, writers can average $15–$30 an hour or more, depending on their skill sets, typing speeds, and writing level. Also, there is no cap on how much anyone can write.

We are looking for writers who will get paid between 1.5 and 5 cents per word depending on their writing level. If you enjoy writing, having a flexible schedule, and working from home, this is the place for you!

Start The Application Process

Thank you for your interest in a writing position with BKA Content! As business grows, we are always on the lookout for quality writers to help fulfill our content jobs. The first step in the application process is a quiz that will test some basic principles of punctuation and grammar.

There are 20 questions in this exam. Once you complete the quiz, you will be given instructions on how to continue your application.

*BKA Content will never ask you for money in exchange for freelance writing or employment opportunities. 

We will never contact you via Skype, WhatsApp or any other instant messaging platform. All communication will come from an official Bkacontent.com email address. 

We will never request your Social Security number or bank account information via email. We will always use a document management system with bank-grade encryption.*